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Bold Tendencies Art Trainee Programme 2018


The Art Trainee Programme provides an unique overview of the work involved in running a cultural institution. Working on site, our trainees experience a broad and rich interaction with the programme and its visitors. This is established through providing tours, participating in education activities, assisting with our live events programme and engaging with our bespoke Mentor talk series – hosted both on site and outside of Bold Tendencies (last year working with a total of 49 mentors and 34 different cultural institutions).

The structure of the programme is 6 weeks long. The trainees come to the site 3 days a week, 6 hours a day. The shifts will be either during the day or the afternoon, with trainees working together alongside one or two Trainee coordinators. The Art Trainee Programme was designed so that participants can maintain existing employment or studies whilst participating in the experience.

A key aim of the programme is to increase awareness of the diversity in job opportunities the cultural world offers. This is expressed through the Mentor Talks and practised through the trainees’ engagement with different roles on site.

Participants must be +18 years old to apply. Participation on the Programme is free and we offer travel expenses and a lunch for every shift.

If you are interested in this opportunity please find here the application form to fill out and submit.

For further information about the Traineeship download the PDF here.

For any queries email