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MY MUSEUM 2017 - "Colour Chemists" open to the public from Saturday 8 July

L My Museum 07 2016 © Damian Griffiths 39

MY MUSEUM is a programme that teaches primary school children about the practice of curating and creating exhibitions.
Whilst young children are encouraged to be be the producers of art and content and are used to having their creations displayed – the process of putting together materials and objects in order to tell stories is something normally left to teachers and adults. My MUSEUM is student led and guided. MY MUSEUM allows children to tell their own stories, and represent who they are and how they relate to their community.

How does it work?

A small group of primary children are selected for training as a team of curators. The group are given support on their developmental journey. This includes:
– Site visits to galleries
– In-house interactive workshops exploring the philosophy and ideas behind museums, the nature of galleries and the dynamics and requirements of exhibition making
– Visits to the Bold Tendencies car-park to view the installations
– Stimulus materials, images and objects to support the exploration of new ideas and avenues
The curators decide and agree a topic for exploration and commission other schools to undertake in-house project in line with the chosen theme

The trained curatorial team then works across traditional school boundaries in order to identify which object and images they want to use in order to create their show. The students get full ownership of the MY MUSEUM space, a specially purposed display space on the Bold Tendencies site designed to be to be physically accessible for younger children. The students also get a session with a professional curator to consult with during their decisions about display, approach pre-installation. The students are then jointly responsible for:
– Writing exhibition text
– Arranging the display
– Arranging logistics and supporting the hang
– Managing the inventory of objects and the return of objects

Our inaugural exhibition involved collaboration between four different primary schools. The theme Home and Away drew inspiration from Richard Wentworth’s ‘Agora’ and AYR’s ‘Aspects of Change’.

Our current exhibition The Colour Chemists takes Simon Whybray’s ‘Hi Boo I love you’ as its inspiration looks at the impact of colour on the way we think and feel.

In future years we will establish MY MUSEUM spaces in other places and regions in the UK and design the training to ensure that the impact of the work is passed on.

If your school or organisation would like to be involved in MY MUSEUM please get in contact with us We look forward to hearing from you.