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Eating At the Same Table (EAST)

EAST is a unified front. Founded by Bold Tendencies’ Director of Education, Sasha Morgan and burgeoning multidisciplinary artist Rochelle White, we are committed to offering the grass roots support & guidance creatives need as they navigate an art world that can often seem all too intimidating to the uninitiated.

EAST is a positive manifestation of the frustration caused by the lack of diversity within mainstream arts institutions, who have long failed to welcome, accommodate or encourage emerging artists of colour. We will all eat at the same table.

Morgan and White sought to strengthen and utilise their respective knowledge and contacts by combining them to create a network in which a bespoke set of personal and professional relationships can flourish between the emerging and the established.

Our programme is tailored to facilitate the individual needs of its artists and EAST is devoted to the expansion of this programme.

To contact, support or get involved email EAST at

What EAST has done so far


EAST hosted an initial dinner at Bold Tendencies’ auditorium in September 2017 to touch base with local artists, a diverse mixture of those who have either recently graduated,      considered arts education or are currently in arts education. We voiced our frustrations,         exchanged experiences and stated the change we need to see within the industry. Following this, we’ve organised various trips to art fairs and private views and exhibition visits including Tate’s Soul of a Nation and Barbican’s Boom For Real which have led to opportunities for future collaborations. We followed up on our Soul of A Nation visit with a dinner with Curator, Zoe Whitley, in the new year and have most recently had a fantastic evening with established practitioners sharing intimate advice with the group regarding funding applications.

Immediately upcoming we have a studio visit with Isaac Julien, a roundtable discussion with Iniva and many more invaluable opportunities in the works as we plan our EAST: Fantasy Art School event entailing lectures, workshops and discussions led by some of the industry’s most established practitioners, due to take place later this year.