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We are developing a number of special projects for our 2022 and 2023 seasons. 

Please contact for more information.

Movement Masterclasses – 2022

On-site masterclasses led by world-class professional choreographers and dance artists, providing high-quality learning and development opportunities for young and emerging artists.

Local Creative Partnership – 2022 (with Theatre Peckham)
Partnering with local creative organisations to support and facilitate creative community programmes on and off site at Bold Tendencies.

“I Create” Artist Research & Development Scheme – 2022

Partnering with Southwark Council and Dulwich Picture Gallery to support a public research and development grant for one Southwark-based BAME artist in the category of Public Art. 

Large-Scale Artist Placements – 2023

Mobilising our existing network of celebrated commissioned artists to lead and facilitate large-scale creative workshops focused on “The Art of Protest”. 

Paid Opportunities – 2023

Increasing Back of House and Front of House freelance opportunities to local individuals.



Be bold, be bold, and everywhere be bold.
– Herbert Spencer, Philosopher & Polymath

Founded in 2017 Bold Everywhere is a Registered Charity and sister organisation to Bold Tendencies. Bold Everywhere works with our Community Interest Company to develop and grow our range of programmes. This means that we can dedicate more space, time and energy to sharing what we do with our local community.

The aim of Bold Everywhere is to bring art and artists to life to engage and inspire youth and families equally across all backgrounds. These projects were never about scale but about thinking big. Our projects became pedagogical experiments, intended to open new dimensions for children, families and carers, as well as for our organisation.

Each of our projects set out to explore one or more of the following questions:

  • In what way can children and young people be enabled to determine and realise their own visions?
  • How can we emphasise the value of creativity in the midst of a structured curriculum?
  • How can we encourage students to think across boundaries, in more holistic ways, using multiple skills .i.e. how can we nurture 21st Century polymaths?
  • How can we inspire and delight children, families, and educators using contemporary art, which might be outside their comfort zone?
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