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Upcoming Events

MULTI-STORY Chamber Music Cage Living Room Music + other percussion works

06. 09. 2015

Musicians from The Multi-Story Orchestra will perform John Cage’s Living Room Music, for a percussion quartet of unspecified instruments, all of which may be found in a… (more)

ARIEL 2.0 - Hanne Lippard / Nora Turato / Dylan Spencer-Davidson

09. 09. 2015

The third instalment of ARIEL 2.0, this event brings together Hanne Lippard [Berlin], Nora Turato [Amsterdam] (who will be performing with sculpture by Nicholas Riis) and Dylan Spencer-Davidson [London]. Between the rap delivery… (more)

MULTI-STORY ORCHESTRAL CONCERT SERIES Beethoven – Symphony no.7 & Living Programme Note directed by Matthew Barley and Fraser Trainer

12. 09. 2015

The Living Programme Note is an experience that will take place across 4 levels of the Car Park: the musicians of The Multi-Story Orchestra will take the… (more)