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Ali Baba Snack Bar Summer Menu

Yuzu Royale £6
Plum Wine Soda £5
The Dark Sake £7
Choya Mac £7
Sake Hibiscus-Chilli £7
Piragua £3.50 (+ Umeshu £6)
Japanese Iced Coffee £3 (+ bourbon £5.50)
Asahi £3
Wine £5
Seasonal Juice £3.50

African Peanuts £2.50
Popcorn di Valentina £2.50
Ali Baba Vienetta £3.50
Rye Lane Fruit Salad + Basil Jus £3
Pan Vagabundo (by Vagabundo) £5
Watermelon + Cruson Halloumi £3.50
Vegan Mexico Dawg (by Taco Queen) £5.50
Choumert Bun (by Southerden) £4

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