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About the Physical object

19. 08. 2016 11:00 PM

The Heart Grows Fonder: Bedtime Stories presented by Miniclick.

THE HEART GROWS FONDER. Miniclick’s ongoing experimental project, established in July 2014, invites creative submissions in response to Marshall McLuhan’s seminal book, The Medium is the Massage. This project seeks
to address McLuhan’s warnings of the distancing e ect of new media, via
an online and print community, which is dedicated to bringing people to- gether through use of these mediums. In partnership with About a Physical Object Miniclick are continuing the project, asking for submissions relating
to the theme of “Bedtime Stories” that ts into one of the seven categories discussed in McLuhan’s text: You, Your Family, Your Neighbourhood, Your Education, Your Job, Your Government, and ‘The Others’. We’re not just after photos, but illustrations, paintings, drawings, diagrams or cartoons. Anything that can be put on paper!

Alongside our all day zine making event Miniclick and their guest writer James Neal will be running a creative writing workshop based upon photographic submissions creating a complete bedtime story. The workshop will encourage collective story writing reflecting the nature of THGF as a project and explores the relationship between image and text in creating a narrative.
‘The Heart Grows Fonder’ is based on Marshall McLuhan’s seminal book ‘The Medium is the Massage’ and focuses on community and communication with submissions being used both online and in print to explore the link between photography and text. Initially text and image based submissions are being added to an online gallery ( in August visitors of APO will be given the chance to curate and bind their own bedtime zine from individual pages, printed from the submissions.

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