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06. 07. 2017 5:30 PM

Singers from John Donne and Kender Primary Schools join forces with The Multi-Story Orchestra and conductor Christopher Stark for the premiere performance of their new work In Colour.

This new work has been specially written by the singers in collaboration with Penny Debruslais, Abimaro Gunnell, Raph Clarkson and Kate Whitley. The piece is inspired by the Bold Tendencies commission hi boo i love you by Simon Whybray and their My Museum exploration of how people are impacted physically and emotionally by the colour around them.

Plus you’ll get to hear Haydn’s Symphony No 82, often known as ‘The Bear’ because the last movement imitates the sound of bagpipes and the music that was used to accompany dancing bears, a popular form of street entertainment in the 18th century.


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